Welcome to my website. My name is Tashida Shaleena Reid. I am a designer and print broker. This means I have a business relationship with top trade print companies that only work with print shops, graphic designers, and major printing companies directly for outsourced printing material. I can get you the lowest prices on printing services because I am a print broker. I set my profit margins low so that I can offer great prices to you. I have been in business since 2009. I started off by learning Graphic design and doing designs for many businesses big and small. I later evolved into printing designs for those businesses when I gained relationships with the best trade printing companies. 

I wanted to provide quality printing and awesome custom designs with speed for my clients. I started to connect with major print vendors that only work with Print brokers like myself and not the general public. My business evolved into Sign production after that when I gained relationships with top sign production companies in my area. Later I added on website design, Logo design, SEO, and social media as well in which I learned to do. 

I have learned so much over the years! I am always learning new things and always looking for the next big thing to help your business. 

I have worked with major franchises and also small business entrepreneurs as well. I work with everyone! My services are available for businesses all over the USA.

What sets my business apart from the rest is, I am not a print shop and not a big-time commercial printer... I am a Print Broker. This means I get the lowest prices for printing the project you need to be done for your business. I get high-quality products done fast with FREE shipping to your business. You can rely on top-notch quality products done in a timely manner. If ever there is an issue, you can rely on a remedy or re-print because of my relationship with top major trade print facilities.

What you get from me is trustworthy service, a personal designer, a personal print company at your fingertips, and reliable service! I work with you one on one like you are my only customer. You will feel a personal connection with me. You can text me 24/7 .... that means weekends, holidays, after hours... you name it. You can't do that with anyone else. I know your focus is to just get the job done and to get it done well. That is where I come in. It is similar to having a family lawyer, for example. With a family lawyer, you can call him/her anytime, text them, email them, etc. It is the same for me as your personal print broker and designer. So if there is a product you want, contact me first so that I can get a price on it for you! I offer so many products and services. 

Contact me by email, text message, online chat, social media, or just give me a plain old call. I am there for you. I help simplify the process and get it done for you. 

I look forward to working with you. Oh by the way, did you know that you can bring your own design work for printing? That's right, if you already have wonderful designs that you want to be printed, you can send them over for print. If you need a design, I can design your product from scratch for print production. If it is something I design, you will get unlimited revisions until you approve the design for print. I do this with every order to make sure in the end you get a design you love and approved! I believe this makes it error-proof and risk-proof. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today!

* I have retained so many customers from when I opened my doors in 2009. That says a lot.