Reference: "I, me, Shaleena, us and DTTGraphics" are the same entity. "You and Customer" are the same entity. All orders are contractual and binding by the terms and conditions noted on this website and all invoices. 
Any orders placed are subject to these terms of service /  conditions / policies (No Exceptions):
All payments are due before print. 
Some policies in short are on all invoices and emails for convenience.
All Sales are final and non-refundable. 
I am not responsible for resolution on images / pictures you send to me. Everything you send me must be high resolution (150 dpi or better). To verify resolution you can zoom into the sample I send you. Turnaround times are estimates and not exact. It can be sooner or later. I am not responsible for your deadlines. Please order in advance for your deadlines to be met. Customers are not allowed to change their order after the order is placed to a lower priced item / product / service. Customer can only change order to higher priced items / product / service. Any orders that are not paid in full and I have not heard from the customer regarding the order within 30 days after the order has been placed will be assumed to be cancelled and I will cancel the order. The customer is responsible for following up on any orders the customer places. Orders cannot be cancelled once order is placed because their order will process immediately due to the nature of the services provided. No refunds on deposits allowed. I do not allow store credit. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. All Quoted orders are valid for 30 days and only to the customer it was provided to. Customers are not allowed to combine sales. 
When you approve your samples you agree that you verified that spelling, colors, measurements, and content are correct and agreed for processing. You are satisfied with the document/ or sample/ web product layout. You understand that your item/product will process EXACTLY as it appears on the sample or as discussed, that you cannot make any changes once your order is placed and that you assume all responsibility for errors found after production. 
Sample Process: We will create a sample based on the information, instructions, or ideas you provide. We will send you an email with the samples attached. You must look over your sample for errors. Be sure to look over your sample for spelling errors, grammar, additions, deletions, omissions, colors, images, pictures, or any other changes you would like to see to the sample. Please submit all of your changes at one time. You will be given an unlimited amount of changes until you approve the design. It is encouraged to submit all of your changes at one time to ensure processing in a timely manner. After approval, no additional changes are allowed. Your order must be paid in full prior to sample process and production. We process your order immediately once approved. Therefore there are no additional changes allowed or cancellations of orders.  If you find an error after production we are not responsible for that error because it should have been submitted prior to approval.

Design Ownership: All designs we create are property of Dttgraphics. If you require ownership of a design we create, you will have to pay for Design Ownership separately. This means you will pay a separate design fee. Design + Print items doesn't mean you are paying for design fees separately. You are paying for us to design a print ready file for print. We keep these designs on file for your next print job. This is how we can offer low prices for print and design. We will send you jpg or pdf only for design ownership files when you pay for design ownership.
Shipping: We can ship to virtually any address in the United States. We ship via UPS Ground for FREE. We are not responsible for any issues that may occur with UPS while your package is in route. Please see UPS for their policies and terms regarding shipments. We are not responsible for incorrect or incomplete addresses. It is the client’s responsibility to supply complete/ correct info. We are not responsible for where shipping company leaves the package(s) [door, porch, etc]. Please see shipping policies/terms for the shipping company.
Cancellation, Changes or Refunds:  There are no refunds or order cancellations allowed. We start your order once you place it and those services must be paid for. Once your ordered is approved we begin processing it. Any deposits, payments, etc are non-refundable no matter what the amount is. Customers are not allowed to change their order for lesser priced items. Customer can only change order to a higher priced item. 

Issues with orders after receiving: Please notify us of any issues you find with your order after completion / receiving your order within 5 days. After that time frame we cannot remedy your issue.

 Turnaround time: Standard processing is 3-6 business days after approval. Rush processing is 2-3 business days after approval. Turnaround time starts usually the next business day after approval. Some products require more than the normal / standard turnaround time. Some products are 5-10 business days. Turnaround time is an estimated time frame. It can be faster or it can take a little longer due to unforeseen issues like machine malfunctions, shipping issues, holidays, staff shortage, etc. In some cases orders will not process until money has cleared with online payments, credit cards payments, or check payments. Custom job orders may have longer turnaround times.  We will always do our BEST to get the job done as fast as possible but unfortunately some things are out of our hands at times.        

Files or images you send us: If you are sending us files for print, please note the files must be prepared correctly for print. If the files are not formatted correctly it may be rejected for print and asked to be re-submitted. You will also have the option of printing as is at your own risk. Files must be 350 dpi's (high resolution) for all print items except banners. The files for banners are accepted at 150 dpi resolution. The images on ALL files must be 350 dpi resolution in order for it not to come out blurry. DO NOT use images found on the internet as they are generally 72 dpi's which is low resolution. This includes pictures for social networking websites. Some files online are high resolution but you must verify before you use it.                                                      

Branding / Tagging / Ads: We have the right to brand, tag, or place a small ad on all items we design, print, or produce. If you would like it removed you will be subject to pay an additional 20% for your order. No exceptions. This is part of the reason how we can offer such low prices to customers.                     Chargebacks/Disputed charges: There is no reason for chargebacks or disputed charges for orders. If you feel the need to chargeback or dispute a charge you will be charged for the fees it costs us to process the chargeback or disputed charges & you are responsible for returning the items purchased. Chargebacks and disputed charges are not free to us. It cost us money. Therefore we will have to charge you for the charges this will cost us.                           Exchanges / Store Credit: There are no store credits. I do not hold any deposits for any reason. Exchanges are only for equal or greater priced items.
Quotes: Please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back to you on quotes. We get so many quotes daily, it takes time to get back to everyone. Quotes are case by case and valid for 30 days only. Prices are subject to change at any time.                                                                                                                                   WEBSITE DESIGN: Client understands that they are paying for website design services on a web hosting site server or in some cases using your own web hosting server plans. Clients are responsible for the payment and follow up of the domain name/ web hosting associated with their website. There is a minimum of half deposit for the project to start. The other half is required when website becomes live. Client has 2 business days to report any last changes after the website has become live. Any additional changes to the website are subject to additional web maintenance fees starting at $50. Client understands that if they choose a flash website that not everyone can view this website if they do not have Flash Player installed on their computer. Client understands that just because they order a website and have a domain name that it doesn’t mean their site is listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines and that they must order a Search Engine Optimization package in order to achieve that. No work will begin until services are paid for. Client has 2 business days to review changes or maintenance to the website. After 2 business days no additional changes are allowed. If client gives a list of changes during web maintenance service or prior and later realizes a mistake in their list provided– any additional changes will result in a new invoice because those “corrections” to client’s mistakes will be additional changes. Any work created by us will be branded. See the branding section for more info. We are not responsible for any changes to web hosting service/server. If changes do occur we will accommodate within a 6 month term of original purchase date.  

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Client understands that they are ordering a service that increases visibility on the search engines. The Client understands there is no guarantee of 1st page results. No refunds are allowed on any products or services. Client understands that by increasing your visibility online you are increasing your chances of being chosen for business by the customer. We are not responsible for sales & do not promise more sales with your business. We do not represent your company.                                                                                                                                        

PRICES: All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are set on a case by case situation and are not comparable. We do honor competitor prices if proven. We do not guarantee acceptance of the job/project/ order. You must provide legitimate proof of the price [sales paper, flyer, contact info, etc] in order for us to match or beat the price. Price matching or beating is a order by order and case by case basis. In other words, if we accept the price for you in one month, the next month may not be accepted unless prices proved again due to sales ended or expiring. 

Additional information or clarification: For additional information or clarification on our terms of service please give us a call or send us an email.